Bookings are deemed provisional until a deposit and Booking Form have been received.

Deposits are non-refundable.

Balance to be paid upon arrival.

There are currently no charges for Bank Holidays.

Small Pet Boarding Tariff:
From January 2024

Boarding fee is per night per pet unless more than one sharing.
The boarding fee for rabbits and guinea pigs includes dry mix, hay, fresh fruit, vegetables and includes all bedding.  All other animals must be brought in their own cage and feed provided by the owner - we do stock hamster and gerbil mix.

Pet Tariff

Single Rabbit - £12.00 per night
Pair of Rabbits - £14.00 per night
Single Guinea Pig - £10.00 per night
Pair of Guinea Pigs - £12.00 per night
Three Guinea Pigs - £13.00 per night
Four Guinea Pigs - £14.00 per night
Single Chinchilla - £6.00 per night
Pair of Chinchilllas - £7.00 per night

Single Rat - £6.00 per night
Pair of Rats - £7.00 per night
Hamster - £6.00 per night
Pair of Hamsters - £7.00 per night
Gerbil - £6.00 per night
Pair of Gerbils - £7.00 per night
Single Bird - £6.00 per night
Pair of Birds - £7.00 per night
Other animals upon request.

Home visits upon request.
We can also collect/drop off locally, please contact for more information.