Bunny & Co Pet Boarding

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions in full: 

General Booking Requirements and GDPR Policy:

  • All your animals must be in good health on arrival and to protect our other animals and our environment we reserve the right to cancel any bookings where an animal shows any signs of disease, infection or ill health prior to the booking period.  A non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking.  In case of a refusal on arrival by us, or cancellation by you prior to the booking, the deposit will not be refunded.  The complete balance must be paid in advance by cash or cheque on arrival.

  • GDPR - A booking form including the Terms and Conditions must be completed by an adult over 18 years old prior to the booking period and sent to me via email.  By completing this form you agree to all the terms and conditions set out and you also agree for Bunny &Co to keep your details on file and electronically for our boarding purposes only; we will never give out your details.  The forms will include any dietary requirements and care/handling needs for your animal/s as well as details of your preferred veterinary contact.

  • You understand that Valerie Bland and family hereafter known as, Bunny & Co Pet Boarding, is not responsible nor liable for any death, illness, injuries, theft of any animal, escapes or 3rd party damage or liability, whilst in our care.  Any costs involved in the aforementioned are to be settled by you the owner, in full, on collection.

  • You understand that Bunny & Co Pet Boarding is not liable for any damage to any small animal cages or travel cages owned by you and used by us in the care of your animals.


  • We have social distancing measures for drop-offs and collections in our front garden/driveway.  Your pet should be held in a secure basket/carry case for us to collect from you at a safe distance and the reverse will be in place for collections too - you understand that we may have to alter timings slightly for arrivals and collections should we have multiple owners arriving at the same time.  Home visits and viewing the boarding facilities are currently suspended.

  • You will need to make us aware if you or your immediate family have had or been in contact with anyone who has had Covid-19 or the symptoms thereof 14 days prior to your booking. We would appreciate your honesty and vigilance in this matter.  All forms and payments are to be made electronically via email and BACS transfers. 

Pet Health:

  • All rabbits must be up to date with Myxomatosis and RVHD1+RVHD2 vaccinations.  Bunny and Co Pet Boarding does not take any responsibility for: Mites, Flystrike/Myxomatosis or RVHD strains.  You understand that it is your responsibility to update your animals' injections and that Bunny and Co Pet Boarding will not be held responsible should any animal contract any illness during their time at Bunny and Co Pet Boarding.

  • You must also inform us of any health related issues that have occurred within the 3 months prior to boarding with us eg mites, dental treatment, castrations etc. and keep us informed if your rabbit's health changes prior to the boarding period.

  • Bunny and Co Pet Boarding are not liable for any veterinary fees incurred for your animal/s during the booking period.  You agree to pay any outstanding bills on collection day.  It is advised that you inform your preferred vet of your absence and how any fees may be settled during this period.  If any animal gives birth during its boarding period with us, we will do our best to keep the young viable, all costs involved in this will be covered by you the owner of the animal.

  • If your animal shows any signs of disease, infection or ill health during the boarding period we may at our discretion contact our preferred local vet or, as is reasonably possible, a vet specified by you on your booking form as long as the distance is no more than a radius of 5 miles  from our premises.

  • Should your animal become ill during its boarding period and results in us having to care for a sick animal including administering medication you understand that Bunny & Co and family are not responsible or liable for any death, progression of illness or injury during this time and that all associated costs to ourselves and the vet must be settled in full by you on the collection date.

Arrival & Collection:

  • Once the booking has been confirmed, you agree to arrive and collect at the agreed time and date.  If you collect after the agreed date and time without prior notification and our confirmation, you will incur an extra charge for each additional day at double the daily rate. If during the booking period you decide to collect earlier than previously agreed no discount or refund will be given.  If you decide to extend the booking you must agree the extension period with Bunny & Co Pet  Boarding.  As long as the extension has been agreed by you and Bunny & Co Pet Boarding the daily rate will apply and the extra costs must be settled by you upon collection.

  • You understand that if you fail to collect your animal/s without notification after 3 weeks of the due collection date the animal/s could be put up for adoption.  If you collect your animal/s within the extra 3 week period you agree to settle all outstanding charges and costs due.

  • Bunny & Co and members of our family will not be responsible or liable for any injuries or damages to yourself, your family, guests or your pet/s during arrival and collection on our premises.

  • Bunny & Co Pet Boarding assures you that your animal/s will not at any time be in any contact with any other animals at Bunny and Co Pet Boarding.  Bunny & Co Pet Boarding, assures you that all hutches, bowls, drinking vessels will be disinfected after each animals' stay.